Get your 100% Australian Grown Fresh Moringa Delivered

Buy Australian Moringa has moringa for sale that is of the purest and highest quality available. The Moringa products that we sell are grown, processed, packaged and express delivered from a farm in Australia.

When you order Moringa through BUYAUSTRALIANMORINGA.COM, we go pick the leaves from the trees on our farm and prepare them for you in the format you ordered. We are the only Moringa farm in Australia able to do this.
How fresh is that!

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To ensure you receive the highest quality Moringa packed-full of nutrients, they process the products in air-conditioning and post them to you within days, sometimes within HOURS of being harvested. Once harvested, all the fresh and processed Australian Moringa is kept in air-conditioned or refrigerated environments – never frozen or stored anywhere that could compromise the delicate nutritional quality.


The farmer goes the extra mile by using Controlled Drying with dehumidifiers – not shade or sun drying used overseas on imported Moringa products sold elsewhere. Controlled temperature drying ensures retention of all vitamins. Using this method also ensures there are no insects; no dust, no caterpillars, no fungi, no mould, and no airborne bacteria, mixed into the products produced. Unlike aged imports, non-irradiated,  freshly harvested Australian grown Moringa, controlled dried,  freshly ground, immediately & continually refrigerated nutrients in all our products, gram for gram, contains………. BENEFITS45

• 25 times – the Iron of Spinach

• 4 times – the Protein of eggs

• 15 times – the Potassium of Bananas

• 17 times – the Calcium of Milk

• 10 times – the Vitamin A of Carrots

• 7 times – the Vitamin C of Oranges

• 10 times – the Omega 3 of salmon


Purchase our harvested trees WITH AN INSTRUCTION to process your trees (made to order) to your choice of format as in the pictures shown below.

These “on demand, made to order, raw materials” are in customer required forms of Moringa & come without any recommended uses.

(Our specialised processing is, to shred, desiccate, slice, or mill & fill in air-conditioning with temperature controlled drying where appropriate).

Our extremely important ‘Cold Chaining’ continues to ensure raw materials to be highly potent, no matter what uses they are meant for. Even our foliar spray fertiliser needs ‘cold chaining’. Separately, we continue to strive to achieve TGA listings for appropriate products.

Please treat all our website information regarding human benefits from Moringa only as general information, & not as any recommendations.

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* Important Quality control To ensure MAXIMUM Australian Moringa nutrients reach you, the plants are only harvested in small batches, fresh from the farm, processed in air-conditioning and posted to you WITHIN DAYS (some batches, within hours)

* Never buy large quantities of Powder, Capsules, etc.  Never Freeze.  Age is a huge factor. Nutrient Quality & amounts are time & temperature dependent. Not just Moringa, but ALL raw plant nutrients begin degrading, usually starting within 6 hours after harvesting ! Moringa must be immediately and continually refrigerated.

* To easily guarantee receiving & consuming the highest nutrients in EVERY SINGLE gram, just buy top-up’s of our farm fresh products, twice to four times a year. Imports can never match our high levels of nutrient freshness.

* The Australian Moringa (pre & post processed) stock is immediately & Permanently Refrigerated, Never to be Frozen. (its too late otherwise) Remember Moringa only grows (& harvested-processed ) in very hot, dusty & humid climates)

* You are not buying ‘roughage’ – would you choose your RAW NUTRIENTS to be FRESH THIS WEEK  or “Fresh 4 to 9 months” ago ?    Nutrient packed or nutrient devoid ?

* A Nutrient depleted, aged, or Irradiated Moringa looks no different to a fresh, nutrient packed sample.   Buying wrongly or cheaper, you have paid way too much.

* The farm practices costlier Controlled Drying with dehumidifiers as opposed to shade or sun drying overseas (imports). Controlled temperature drying  means Vitamins, are not eliminated; together with having no insects, no bacteria, no dust, no caterpillars, no fungi, no mould, and no airborne bacteria to be mixed & ground into the powders, capsules, etc.

* It’s rare & costlier, but this Australian Moringa operation also uses Presses, Crunches, Strippers, Cutters, Packing & Grinding machines, where any hot to very hot operating chambers are engineered with cold water or air cooling systems ……. just to ensure every little minute bit of all the delicate & heat sensitive nutrients, enzymes, etc in all the products remain in pristine condition, never ever having been unduly heated or ill treated.   These processing machines stay in permanent air-conditioning and are also staff operated in this chilled environment !

* Above Reasons help ensure the farm produces the best, highest potency Moringa available worldwide.

Where to get Moringa in Australia, Where to buy Australian Moringa or Where to get Australian grown Moringa online ? PURE AUSTRALIAN GROWN MORINGA IS AVAILABLE HERE.