Moringa for Pets 200g


MORINGA for DOGS, CATS, Animal PETS – Chewy, Unheated, Unflavoured, Natural, Dried.

200G Moringa for Dogs, Cats, Animal Pets – $44 (approx. 2G to 5G per day, depending on weight or health, = 100 to 40 days supply, but ask your animal advisor, carer or vet.)

Good Reasons to also Give Your Pets Moringa Moringa is a super nutritious food which contains 46 antioxidants, 90 nutrients including high quality protein, calcium, trace minerals, iron, all essential amino acids and even iron. So it is a valuable addition to both a human and your pets diet. Most commercial pet foods are full of junk meat, meat by-products, GMO corn, synthetic vitamins, and are poor quality. Even the better quality dog foods may be missing trace minerals and other needed nutrients. Any cooked dog food will not contain Vitamin C. So you need to feed your pets Moringa to give them some of the nutrients their commercial food lacks. As you are eating corn for your meal, know that 90% of corn is GMO now. Many have taken corn out of their diet for that reason. Corn syrup is in almost every processed food you eat. You and your pet need to eat less processed foods! Our pets are developing some of same diseases that humans have: obesity, arthritis, clogged arteries, and a general problem of poor nutrition. This poor nutrition leads to diseases and dying before their time. Poor food and lack of exercise is killing our pets early. Our pets often develop arthritis because of poor quality commercial food. Feeding them Moringa will help feed joints and muscles to help prevent this problem. The exceptional nutrients in Moringa will feed all the different organs and body systems to help your pet remain healthier for a longer time. Moringa and its nutrition will help support your animal’s immune system. Give them Moringa as a supplement for this reason if for no other. Give your pets Moringa to boost their energy. This applies especially to older animals. They need some extra support. Pregnant or nursing animals benefit from a supplement of Moringa. It will help them produce more and better quality milk. The nutrients in Moringa will give the pregnant and nursing animals an extra boost. nutrition wise. to help them during the pregnancy and while they are feeding that litter of pups or kittens. This would apply as well for pregnant farm animals such as cows, goats, and pigs.


Price: $46.00

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